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Vikas Ecotech is the first and only Indian company with an integrated in-house facility to produce FDA-approved Organotin Mercaptan (Methyl Tin Mercaptide) PVC heat stabilisers from tin metal ingots. These stabilizers are 100% toxin-free and used widely in rigid and flexible PVC articles. Organotin stabilisers are suitable for non-toxic and food-grade PVC articles requiring FDA approval and high heat stability coupled with very low odour.

We are credited with establishing the first fully integrated state-of-the-art plant for Organotin stabilizers in India. Our in-house facility enables us to manufacture TTC (Tin Tetrachloride) - a vital raw material for Organotin stabilizers. Manufacturing Organotin stabilizers right from the tin metal stage, our products have high-efficacy and can be used in low dosages.

Supported by our dedicated R&D team, Vikas Ecotech is committed to offering a superior product for diverse end applications. Our products demonstrate reliability in our customers’ production processes and deliver optimum performance to improve efficiency and profitability.

Salient Features:

  • Zero toxicity
  • Highly effective liquid tin metal based PVC heat stabilizer
  • Designed for thermally stabilizing vinyl copolymers
  • Provides excellent early colour & colour hold
  • Enables long term heat stability
  • Facilitates sparkling clarity and excellent transparency
  • Imparts superior processing stability
  • Effective in all types of PVC
  • Good compatibility with other additives

Industries we serve:

  • Agriculture & infrastructure pipes & fittings
  • Healthcare & pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices & components
  • Packaging films



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